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Welcome message from Melbourne City Mission, CEO, Vicki Sutton.

Melbourne City Mission (MCM) is proud to co-sponsor the Council to Homeless Person’s (CHPVic) bi-annual Victorian Homelessness Conference.

The two-day conference is an opportunity to connect frontline workers, practice leaders, and researchers in the sector to discover, discuss and share the latest innovations to drive better outcomes for people experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless.

MCM will, once again, facilitate the specialist Youth Stream covering new practices and research on the best way to provide services to some of Victoria’s most vulnerable young people.

MCM recognises the impact trauma has on young people, and as an organisation we seek to address the underlying causes and effects of trauma that are intrinsically linked to a young person’s experience of homelessness. The conference’s specialist Youth Stream provides an opportunity to take a deeper look at this theme, including:

  • creating medium to long-term accommodation solutions for young people who are unable to live with their immediate family
  • developing trauma-informed practices to keep young people engaged in services and programs
  • how to respond to the overrepresentation of LGBTIQA+ experiencing homelessness.

I am delighted to welcome Dr Stephen Gaetz, President & CEO of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness as one of two keynote speakers. His presentation will provide insight into what we can learn from Canada’s national strategies and system reforms that are having an impact on their homelessness sector.

Canada, like Australia, is experiencing an increase in youth homelessness and has similar challenges with vulnerable young people falling through the net of services that are meant to support them. Our second keynote speaker, Melanie Redman, co-founder and President of A Way Home Canada, will provide insight on how we can harness the power of advocacy, research and innovation to lead positive change in the youth homelessness sector.  

With 25 per cent of Australians experiencing or at risk of becoming homelessness under the age of 25, now more than ever is the time for all of us to come together and share ideas to build the strength of our community and organisational practices.

The specialist Youth Stream provides a platform to share knowledge and expertise on best practices and to unpack the big issues early. It will provide you with the latest tools and insights to disrupt the cycle of youth homeless based on the most recent research and trauma-informed practices. 

Together, we can provide a better future for young people in Victoria to break the cycle and lead positive lives they are capable of.

Vicki Sutton

CEO, Melbourne City Mission.


Melbourne City Mission and DHHS sponsored 100 registrations for sector workers who are working with young people aged 16 to 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to:

  • assist them in maintaining family connections
  • support  work towards family reconciliation where possible
  • develop an understanding of the important social connections or relationships that can sustain them throughout their lives.



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